One of the privileges God has granted the staff at GoodSeed is the chance to hear testimonies from around the world. People tell us of the ways in which God has used them and our tools to help others become believers.


As an equipping ministry, our work is about enabling ordinary believers, missionaries, pastors, parents and church leaders to be more effective in sharing the life-transforming message of the gospel. Each year, thousands of copies of our resources in different language translations make their way around the globe and end up in the hands of those wanting to share the message or those wanting to learn it. Each resource goes with the prayer that a life will be transformed.


But how do we know what happened to that German edition of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus given to a friend? Or the copies of The Lamb given to the neighbour's children?


Every so often, we do get to hear the end of the story! People write us letters, send us emails, call us on the phone or walk into our offices and ask, “Would you like to hear my story?” And of course we do!


Here, we share some stories and testimonies so you too can marvel at what God has been doing right here in Germany.